Panto audiences donate cash to city children’s hospital

Panto audiences donate cash to city children’s hospital

The kindness of North-east theatregoers never grows old – pantomime audiences at His Majesty’s Theatre have donated an incredible sum for The ARCHIE Foundation at Aberdeen Royal Children’s Hospital.

Collections at last year’s HMT panto Dick McWhittington raised more than £8,400 for the charity.

Generous audiences donated £8,486.06 at the Aberdeen Performing Arts (APA) and Qdos Entertainment production – starring Elaine C Smith, Alan McHugh and Jordan Young.

Chief Executive of APA, Jane Spiers, said: “Aberdeen Performing Arts is delighted to have played a part in raising more than £8,400 for The ARCHIE Foundation. This is a testament to the generosity of audiences in the North-east who come through our doors. The ARCHIE Foundation makes a huge difference to the lives of children and their families when they are sick, and we are thrilled be able to support such a great local charity in this way.”

Chief executive of the ARCHIE Foundation, David Cunningham, is a big fan of the pantomime and was delighted at the news of how much has been raised. He said: “I bring my family to the pantomime every year. The family friendly atmosphere is second-to-none and the exceptional professionalism of the cast and wider crew is just wonderful. The cast visit the hospital each year too, which the children really love. Thank you to APA so much for everything you do for us. It is hugely appreciated and the money raised makes a very big difference to local sick children here in Aberdeen.”

Posted on Thursday 16 February

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