Personal subwoofers to let hearing and deaf performers to feel music vibrations in new production coming to Aberdeen’s Lemon Tree

Personal subwoofers to let hearing and deaf performers to feel music vibrations in new production coming to Aberdeen’s Lemon Tree

A unique production using new technology which allows the performers – both hearing and deaf – to feel the vibrations of the music is to be staged at Aberdeen’s Lemon Tree on Sunday, September 13, as part of a Scottish tour by Solar Bear Theatre Company.

Created by Danny Krass, choreographed by Chisato Minamimura and designed by Kai Fische, Kind of Silence presents a telling of Narcissus and Echo interspersed with explorations, transpositions and reflections of music and sound in a piece of work comprised of live music, dance and physical theatre.

The production, accessible to hearing and deaf audiences, utilizes subpacs, which are a kind of personal subwoofer which communicates low frequencies directly into the body.

Solar Bear also have Australian musician and electronic music innovator, Alon Ilsar, performing on his bespoke instrument, Air Sticks which allows him to perform with a large and complex palette of sounds using a movement and gesture based performance style.

Kind of Silence will preview at Platform, Glasgow, on September 3 and then open on September 4 and tour to Eden Court and Assembly Roxy, before coming to The Lemon Tree and then on to The Gaiety, Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock, before finally performing as part of the programme at Progression 2015 – an international celebration of deaf arts.

The production explores sensory experience and the way people communicate. The Silence continuously morphs taking on many forms throughout the performance but ultimately remains uncanny and mysterious.

Created and directed by Danny Krass, Kind of Silence will place sound at its heart. As it moves from myth to documentary to poetry to sensory abstraction, it will attempt to describe experiences of diverse people and across time and place, and provide a language for the performers and audience to interrogate their own sensory experiences.

Music will be transformed through movement, image and vibrations. Using minimal language together with choreography, text and sound, no single audience member will access all aspects of the work, but each will be invited to engage with it in their own way.

Another Solar Bear Theatre Company production coming to The Lemon Tree on Monday, October 5, is Tribes, which is also accessible to hearing and deaf audiences.

It is a poignant yet biting drama by Nina Raine about love, family and finding one’s voice. It tells of Billy, a young man born deaf and raised in a loud, opinionated family who never bothered to learn sign language, which has meant that he has had to adapt to a hearing world.

When he meets Sylvia, a young woman from a deaf family who introduces him to deaf culture, Billy suddenly feels confidence and a sense of belonging to a ‘tribe’ he’s never known before.

Tickets for Kind of Silence and Tribes at The Lemon Tree are available online at, by phone at 01224 641122 and at Aberdeen Box Office at the Music Hall and His Majesty’s Theatre.

Posted on Monday 31 August

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