Shrek 11am 8th Feb performance cancelled

Shrek 11am 8th Feb performance cancelled

URGENT NOTICE - We regret that we have just been informed that, due to illness in the company, the Sunday 11am performance of Shrek has been being cancelled. We appreciate that this news is very disappointing but we have been informed by the company that there are not enough actors to cover the roles.

We will issue full refunds, if your card has expired since the time of booking please contact the box office with your order number from Monday morning.

The Box Office is open Monday to Saturday 9.30am to 6pm, the telephone number is 01224641122.

Please accept our sincere apologies for this unforeseen incident and any inconvenience it may cause.

Please note the 3pm performance will still go ahead as planned.

Posted on Saturday 07 February

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posted by Elaine Bourke | Tuesday 10 February 11.26am

I wish to convey that a full refund is not compensation for the disappointment of kids going to bed in anticipation of seeing a show that we have had booked for 15 months, and waking them in the morning to say the show was called off at such short notice. I do not feel that enough of an effort was made to contact people (and only after the office was closed). I cannot understand how an extra show could not have been held that evening. Really poor service and unbelievably disappointed - puts me off booking something that was expensive, booked well in advance to secure fantastic seats and then cancelled at short notice with little response from either the theatre or the company. I have been checking the website regularly in hope of a better explanation but to no avail.

posted by Doug Dugan | Monday 09 February 10.40pm

Like the other comments here we are deeply disappointed at the cancelation, why wasn't there more done to hold an evening show on the Sunday after the cast members had been flown up from London? The offer of a refund does not come anywhere close to being satisfactory, especially for our eight year old son. I hope that somehow a reasonable attempt can be made to compensate for the disappointment, especially for the many devastated children. I would appreciate some kind of reply in acknowledgement on behalf of our son, Callum.

posted by Anne mennie | Sunday 08 February 7.22pm

Very disappointed...we got this as a Christmas present. We had to stay over in a hotel to get to the show in time as the bus from peterhead wouldn't get us through in time and a free program and a refund isn't very good with two unhappy kids. Very disappointed

posted by Alan Stevenson | Sunday 08 February 6.54pm

Ok so the cast took ill and they had to fly up extra actors on the Sunday to cover the last show...illness happens and that is unfortunate...however...

1. The theatre claimed they emailed us but we received no such email...we received a previous email alerting us to a seat change so there was not a problem with our email address.
2.As a result we turned up on the day with our five year old who understandably got upset...the staff response of "you'll get a full refund" doesn't really work on a five year old.
3. Why did the cast not make the show merchandise available? A free gift would have been great but even the chance to buy one would have helped ease our little boys angst.
4. Why could the cast not put on a 7.30pm showing to cater for those who lost out at 11am? There was no scheduled event at HMT the next day so the logistics of a load out could have been shifted.
We purchased our tickets back in October's unbelievable that a West End show would let us down after so much anticipation.
HMT, whilst you are not responsible for this calamity I would appreciate it if you would pass these comments along to those who are.

posted by Doreen | Sunday 08 February 11.09am

I will sell 2 tickets for 3pm Shrek. (to disappointed children)
Call 07785397716 if interested before 11.30
Ellon area pick up.

posted by Angry! | Sunday 08 February 10.04am

I went to Shrek on the 6th with my mum, my dad and my brother and really enjoyed it , my auntie had a spare ticket and offered me, so I said yes of course but my auntie, my uncle and my cousin haven't went yet and its ridiculous how Shrek is not on at 11:00am but on at 3:00pm!!! So please if you have 4 extra tickets for the 3:00pm one, please may we have them?

posted by Ashley | Saturday 07 February 10.59pm

This is absolutely ridiculous. How can the 11am showing be cancelled but the 3pm can go ahead? We are going to have a very distraught 4 year old in the morning as this has already happened to her with a different show (in the night garden - no association to shrek) ... We have also already spent a great deal of money travelling to and staying in Aberdeen tonight, unfortunately a refund is not good enough in this case. Like others we will not hesitate to take legal action. Absolutely ridiculous, you should be taking responsibility for telling all these children in the morning that something that they have been looking forward to for over a year has been cancelled (but their friends going at 3 will still get to see it). I fully understand that unforeseen circumstances sometimes occur however there is no way that tonight's performance could go ahead and tomorrow's 3pm performance can go ahead but tomorrow's 11am performance cannot?

posted by Mandy Stuart | Saturday 07 February 10.25pm

I think a little more of an explanation is required! If there is not enough cast members for the morning performance, how is it that there is enough for the afternoon! No good enough!!

posted by Gavin.goodbrand | Saturday 07 February 10.03pm

This is ridiculous. I am looking at legal action if 3pm show goes ahead as how can they postpone 11am show due to illness but be fit for 3pm. This stinks of last night cast being on night out. My 8 year old daughter gave up swimming competition as we have had this booked for almost18 months. Not a happy parent. Refund is not good enough

posted by Donald Davidson | Saturday 07 February 8.30pm

Hi. We have 3 tickets for the 11.00 am SHREK performance which has been cancelled. Do you have 3 tickets for the 3pm performance? Even 2 would be good. really grateful if you could contact on 07792441714 to please a very disappointed 7 year old and her Mummy & Daddy.

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