Staging the perfect romantic wedding

Staging the perfect romantic wedding

Everyone dreams of a romantic wedding day where the bride and groom take the starring roles in their own sumptuous and stylish production, before an invited audience of their loved ones and friends.

And now couples can exchange their vows on the stage where Maria met her soul mate in Captain Von Trapp, where Cinderella captured the heart of her Prince Charming and where Sally fell hook line and sinker for Harry.

Aberdeen Performing Arts (APA) has been licensed recently to host weddings in the city’s visually-stunning His Majesty’s Theatre and Music Hall where couples can tie the knot on the stage or in the auditorium of either of the two historic venues.

“Both His Majesty’s and the Music Hall are gorgeous and very exclusive settings for a wedding,” said APA hospitality and food service manager Sue Zani, who will take on the role of wedding co-ordinator to stage manage the wedding of any couple’s dreams.

“I am sure many romances have started with a date to a show or gig here – so what could be more sentimental than a couple exchanging their vows where it all started, in these beautiful and beloved buildings.

“And bridal couples may be surprised to find out that they can afford these unique settings as we offer competitively priced packages to suit all budgets,” she added.

At His Majesty’s Theatre, the couple can have their very own red carpet event, with the wedding ceremony on stage and their guests seated in the plush and ornate surroundings of the famed auditorium.

And the theatre restaurant 1906 would be an original and exciting space for a reception, wedding meal and dance, with its glass-front overlooking Union Terrace Gardens, the city’s green heart.

At the Music Hall, the happy couple can also choose to hold their ceremony on the stage, with sufficient seating for around 200 people, followed by their reception in the 150-year-old concert hall and its magnificent recently-refurbished decorative ceiling.

Several rooms in the A-listed building would also be available for the wedding party if needed, including the Square Room, Round Room and Doric Bar, which were originally assembly rooms when the building was first opened in 1820.

In addition to organising the decorations and catering, Sue will be on hand to advise about flowers, photographers and music.

At both iconic venues, the company will use its long experience in staging lavish and highly technical productions to enhance the wedding ceremony with atmospheric sound and lighting.

His Majesty’s Theatre and the Music Hall will provide dramatic and outstanding backdrops for anyone’s wedding photographs, and the central location of both city centre landmarks make them easily accessible for wedding guests.

Both His Majesty’s Theatre and the Music Hall would only be available for weddings when there are no shows being staged in the busy city centre venues, however 2013 dates are still available.

Posted on Monday 14 January

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