Theatre spotlight on the Architecture of Aberdeen

Theatre spotlight on the Architecture of Aberdeen

Rarely has the architecture of Aberdeen come under closer public scrutiny than in recent months – and a new arts exhibition is to take a fresh look at the city’s beautiful granite buildings.

The latest exhibition in His Majesty’s Theatre’s Dress Circle Bar, which opens on Tuesday, March 3 for 12 weeks, is the first public exhibition of work by artist Jamie Cameron.

His illustrations capture in minute detail a range of Aberdeen's beautiful granite architecture - schools, churches, theatres and other well-known local buildings. And his style distils the unique character of each subject so that each drawing is therefore a complete one-off in which the building determines how it is portrayed.

"Having studied and worked in the field of architecture across Scotland, I have always enjoyed working at the drawing board in the traditional way, as opposed to the computer-based systems which are now used across the field,” says Jamie.

“The direct way of working, where each line can be given a unique little twist, curve or fade, allows great artistic freedom in the treatment of each subject- the exact same drawing therefore can be made to have a completely different feel depending on the combined effect of these details.

“I really enjoy working with the hands too, as it encourages a more direct connection with the thing one is drawing, and there is a sense that the building is literally being 'constructed' as the drawing proceeds.

Having approached early works from a purely technical standpoint, Jamie’s style has evolved into a more artistic treatment, where the beauty and finer details of each building are considered in the larger whole, and delicate shading and perspective is used to subtly alter the representation.

“It is less a literal 'snapshot' than a particular 'interpretation' imbued with a certain character, which encourages you to see the building in a new light,” he adds.

This collection of detailed drawings, on show when HMT is open from March 3 to May 24,  with exquisite framing provided by Gallery 121 of Holburn Street, are available to buy as a series of limited-edition prints, each signed and numbered by the artist, with orders taken from Aberdeen Box Office and Dress Circle bar staff.

Posted on Tuesday 24 February

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