Two larger-than-life shows set for HMT

Two larger-than-life shows set for HMT

A giant green ogre and a big girl with a big dream are two larger-than-life characters heading for the stage at His Majesty’s Theatre (HMT). 

Shrek will have a two-week run at the city theatre from February 28 to March 11, 2018 with Hairspray following shortly after, from March 19 to 24.

APA chief executive Jane Spiers said: “Shrek and Hairspray are two smash-hit musicals that we’re absolutely delighted to have returning to our theatre. Both are full of warmth and hilarity and will have you rooting for the underdog in each story.”

Bringing to life the hilarious tale of the swamp-dwelling ogre who becomes the most unlikely hero, Shrek is a story of friendship and love with plenty of comedy thrown in. Join Shrek and his loyal steed Donkey as they embark on a quest to rescue the beautiful (if slightly temperamental) Princess Fiona from a fire breathing, love-sick dragon. Add the diminutive Lord Farquaad, a gang of fairytale misfits, and a biscuit with attitude, and you’ve got the biggest, brightest musical comedy around! 

And just a week after Shrek leaves HMT, musical theatre fans can let their hair down and have some fun with irresistible feel-good show Hairspray, featuring the iconic songs Good Morning Baltimore, The new Girl in Town, You Can’t Stop the Beat and of course, title track Hairspray. It’s Baltimore 1962, where Tracy Turnblad, a big girl with big hair and an even bigger heart, is on a mission to follow her dreams and dance her way onto national TV. Tracy’s audition makes her a local star and soon she is using her new-found fame to fight for equality, bagging local heartthrob Link Larkin along the way.

Hairspray is based on the 1988 film of the same name which starred Divine and Ricki Lake by cult filmmaker John Waters. With music and lyrics by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman and book by Mark O’Donnell and Thomas Meehan, Hairsprayoriginally opened to rave reviews on Broadway in 2002 and subsequently won eight Tony Awards. The production opened in London at the Shaftesbury Theatre in 2007 and won four Laurence Olivier Awards including Best New Musical. Proving to be an international success, the showhas also opened in South Africa, Japan, South Korea, China and Dubai. Following the musical’s phenomenal success on stage, a film of the musical was released in 2007 which starred John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer and James Marsden.

Producer Mark Goucher said: “I am incredibly proud of this production of Hairspray and thrilled that it will be travelling the country again. The universal appeal of this heartwarming show has continued to delight us all, with families and musical theatre lovers alike packing out theatres night after night.”

Tickets for both shows are on sale to general bookers on Tuesday, February 28, and you can snap up tickets early by taking out an APA Friends membership. Tickets are on sale to APA Friends from Thursday, February 23.

Posted on Thursday 23 February

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First off, "Project Wolverine" is ludicrously self-important and sinister-sounding, as budget strategies go. That's the name of a secret NSA laboratory deep under the Caballo Mountains in New Mexico, not a financial schematic. Do better, Jeets. Anyhow, there's enough careful phrasing in Manfred's comments ("operating-level decisions," "'Player X' or 'Player Y'") to give him some plausible deniability. However, the idea that he didn't know about plans to engage in yet another demo job by Marlins owners strains credulity.

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