Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website! We have been working on developing our site for the last few months and are now pleased to say we have now gone live.

Aberdeen Performing Arts published a new business plan this year and it is essential the site reflects and represents this. We have ensured the branding, feel and layout of the site represents where we are as a company and highlights our venues and projects to the full.

On top of this it is vital the website remains a key sales channel.  In order to do this we have simplified the search facility and made the results clearer and bolder so finding shows at our venues is as easy as possible. Furthermore, the site is mobile responsive so navigating on a smartphone will be much easier.

If you have any comments or feedback please send these to feedback@aberdeenperformingarts.com.

Posted on Thursday 27 November

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posted by Gayle Anderson | Wednesday 17 December 2.04pm

I completely agree that this site is a retrograde step. It is non-user friendly and I am a journalist, well acquainted with trawling websites. I am actually trying to write up a feature on what to do in Aberdeen and include the Lemon Tree but also can't find any info on the Sunday afternoon jazz sessions or additional events at weekends.

posted by kris | Tuesday 16 December 4.37pm

Hi, don't want to be negative and hope this is received constructively. The aim of redoing a website surely is to improve it. I can't do what I used to do, ie do a refined search. I have to sift through pages and pages to see what's happening. It was a really useful tool to either read the list of all lemon tree events, or to look up everything that was happening on a certain weekend. I particularly liked the way other venues such as the Moorings and Blue Lamp were listed. Whatever you want to do with the cosmetic appearance of the site, please bring back the most useful part of the site

posted by Rick Rhymes | Thursday 04 December 5.11pm

Well I think this is a massive improvement, I really like it and it works well on my iPhone!

To the previous comments - what is it exactly that you don't like about the website? Saying "it's appalling", "it's unhelpful", "I don't like it" is not much of a helpful feedback, could you be more specific? Cheers

posted by bridget | Friday 28 November 8.37pm

I have been trying to get a simple copy of the list of what is on the daily schedule at the Lemon Tree. Is there still any informal Jazz at lunchtime on a Sunday for example? Is anything on this weekend apart from a comedian at 8pm one evening? Is the lemon Tree still a "happening place"? I think not from this appalling and unhelpful website! I live hrs away now and do not want to make a wasted journey.

posted by martin forbes | Thursday 27 November 5.05pm

why did you have to change the website for it was fine the way it was before i dont like it

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