Q: What do Charles Dickens, David Bowie, Alex Ferguson, Debbie Harry, Winston Churchill and Mikael Gorbachov have in common?

A: Aberdeen Music Hall!

Be prepared to be amazed and inspired as we step back into the transformed Music Hall in Winter 2018, when it will once again take its place at the heart of cultural and community life in the North-east.  We invite you to join us to create unique events, enjoy life affirming performances and make magical memories.  It’s official! Our treasured Music Hall with its wonderfully restored concert hall is once again available for you to hold your special event whatever that may be, from awards dinners to exhibitions, and in the timeless elegance of this Archibald Simpson building.

[heading or image to click through to content – could we use the spectra image without the writing on it?]His Majesty’s Theatre (HMT) – Treat yourself and your team!