Planet APA

Our Mission: To be a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable creative company committed to protecting people and the planet

Aberdeen Performing Arts is aware of its impact on the environment, recognises our responsibility to operate in an environmentally responsible manner and is committed to achieving continual improvement of our environmental performance. We will achieve this by promoting sustainable working practises, both internally and externally, reducing our annual energy usage and by being committed to the principal to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Aberdeen Performing Arts is proud to be a member of the Green Arts Initiative. Run by Creative Carbon Scotland, the Green Arts Initiative supports Scottish arts organisations to be at the forefront of growing an environmentally sustainable Scotland.

What we're doing

It would take too much space to list everything we're doing here at His Majesty's Theatre, Music Hall and The Lemon Tree, but here's a snapshot of what we have already done:

  • Our recycling includes paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, toner cartridges and batteries. Recycling bins are stationed throughout our venues to allow customers to recycle too.
  • Our ice cream is produced and sourced locally.
  • Installing motion sensor lights and making sure all others are turned off when not in use. Energy-saving light bulbs have also been introduced across our venues.
  • Payslips being sent by email instead of on paper, paperless meetings where possible.
  • Changing our IT structure so that we use less energy, printing less often and printing double sided, switching our computer screens off when we're away from our desks to save electricity.

 We are pleased to announce that we have won the VIBES 2019 Engaging Scotland Award!