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Enter The Gilded Cage

Camilla Läckberg

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Granite Noir welcomes the Queen of Swedish Crime Fiction, bestselling author Camilla Läckberg, whose books have sold over 28 million copies worldwide. Läckberg is the sixth most read writer in Europe, with books published in more than 60 countries.

A former economist, Läckberg grew up in Fjällbacka, a small fishing community located on the west coast, almost exactly halfway between Uddevalla and Strömstad. By 2006, she was Sweden’s best-selling author, and she now counts crime fiction, cookbooks, and children’s books to her name. Her Fjällbacka novels were adapted for television in 2012, and the following year saw the premiere of the film The Hidden Child, based on the fifth book in the Fjällbacka series.

Her newest novel, The Gilded Cage, is a gripping psychological thriller hailed by the New York Times Book Review as, “Smart, unflinching…  [a] novel of female empowerment and triumph over the patriarchy.” It’s the story of a woman who seems to have it all — and what she’s willing to do to protect that seemingly perfect life.


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