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Stranger Than Fiction

Isla Traquair and Candice Gaines

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Crime Noir


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Chaired By Theresa Talbot
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True crime podcasts have captured the public’s imagination, but how are they made? Join international television host, producer, and journalist Isla Traquair, of The Storyteller, and Candice Gaines, of Crime Noir, as they reveal how they do what they do, and why!

We’ll be asking how they choose which cases to delve into, and what kind of research is involved. We’ll examine how they turn all that information into a compelling narrative, and why they chose the podcast format to connect with audiences.

The Storyteller: For her second series, Violent Delights, Isla Traquair returned to north east Scotland to uncover the dark truths of one of the most sensational cases in recorded criminal history. This is the story of prominent, wealthy "flying farmer" Maxwell Garvie, whose decomposing body was found months after he went missing, hidden in a secret tunnel. Garvie’s wife and two others went on trial for his murder. But what really happened?

Crime Noir: Candice Gaines, who has a degree in forensic science,  created her podcast in 2019 to spotlight media neglect in covering crimes committed against the black community. Since its inception, Crime Noir, with its focus on under-reported or forgotten crimes, has seen its audience grow and grow, and earned praise for pushing the boundaries of culture and questioning the status quo.

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