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Going Viral

Peter May

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Chaired by Bryan Burnett

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Bestselling Scottish author Peter May has seen his career encompass successes and setbacks, both as the author of award-winning novels and the force behind popular television programmes. Now, having sold more than 4.5M books worldwide, he’s at the forefront of international crime writing. He’ll tell Granite Noir about his fascinating career, and the two recent books whose stories pivot on the timely theme of how humanity behaves in times of tremendous upheaval.

Lockdown is set against the background of a deadly influenza pandemic. Written in 2005, the novel was rejected by publishers as being unrealistic. During the COVID-19 pandemic this prescient book was finally published.

May’s upcoming (March 2021) novel, The Night Gate, is a dual narrative tracking murders that occur more than 70 years apart in Paris. This high octane thriller plays out against the backdrop of real events in 1940s Occupied France, and in contemporary France, poised to return to COVID lockdown in the autumn of 2020. At the heart of both crimes is DaVinci’s enigmatic, unforgettable Mona Lisa.

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