Leah Hazard My Weekend Q&A

Leah Hazard My Weekend Q&A

Leah Hazard My Weekend Q&A

Leah Hazard My Weekend Q&A

As it’s Friday, we spoke to Sunday Times best-selling author Leah Hazard about how she spends her weekends, ahead of her author talk at the Music Hall on Tuesday, September 10th.

When does your weekend start?
I’m a midwife and work shifts, so I’m never quite sure when the weekend starts and ends! Sometimes it’s great to have Saturday and Sunday off with my family, but sometimes it’s also lush having time to myself when my days off fall midweek, and everyone else is busy with work and school.

Perfect night in and out?
If I’m not working and having a night in, you can find me on the couch with my family, watching Strictly with a glass of chilled champagne in my hand, but my ideal night out would involve a delicious meal and a walk from bar to bar on a warm summer evening with my husband.

Favourite weekend shopping destination, and favourite place to walk?
If I could go anywhere for a weekend of shopping, I would pick Amsterdam. We’ve been there many times and it’s just the ideal place to wander for hours from bridge to bridge, stopping for coffees and a bit of shopping in between. I also love New York. We’re heading there in October, and there’s no better day than walking the city from top to bottom.

When you work in a windowless batcave in the bowels of a hospital, fresh air and open spaces are the ultimate treat.

Weekend you’d love to live again, and weekend you’d hate to live again?
My favourite weekends are any weekends when I’m on holiday, far away from piles of bills and washing, and my worst weekends are any that involve a double nightshift – more than one night in a row and I’m inevitably ill.

Perfect Sunday breakfast and cure for the Sunday blues?
I love to start a Sunday with a giant smoothie bowl and a flat white from my favourite neighbourhood coffee shop, and my tip for curing the Sunday blues would be fresh air and copious caffeine – the shift worker’s friend.

Leah is one of the authors in our Big Sky Big Horizons Aet of Author talks on Tuesday 10 September at 1pm.

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