Review of our Light the Blue Launch by our Young Ambassador Rory McIver

Review of our Light the Blue Launch by our Young Ambassador Rory McIver

Review of our Light the Blue Launch by our Young Ambassador Rory McIver

This year we had our inaugural Light the Blue Festival which was a huge success. We had our Music Hall Ambassador Rory McIver there and he has kindly written a review of the launch event.

Light the Blue Launch by Young Ambassador Rory McIver

As my first job as Young Ambassador, I was asked, along with the rest of the ambassadors, to attend the launch event of APA’s first annual youth arts festival, Light the Blue. When I was told about this event I wasn’t sure what to expect but I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to go to the Lemon Tree and witness this festival’s launch as it was a fantastic night.

The festival launch was held in the Lemon Tree Lounge and began 6pm. Two members of the Senior Youth Theatre started the night with an entertaining speech about what we could expect throughout the week. Whilst the attendees finished their drinks a guitarist/singer from the Lemon Tree’s project band showcase performed three covers which were all beautifully played/sung and the audience all really enjoyed it.

At 6.30pm the Intermediate Youth Theatre’s play ‘Defined?’ began upstairs in the Lemon Tree Studio. This was a play created by the children themselves and performed very well. A lot of miming technique was used during this performance as well as script. The play was all about how people are defined by the wrong things e.g. who they’re friends with or what they wear. The play consisted of lots of different separate sketches all joining together at the end to put this powerful message across.

After the Intermediate group’s performance there were drinks and nibbles back downstairs at the lounge and at 8.15pm it was time to return to the studio for the Senior Youth Theatre’s play called ‘How to Win at Life’. This was another self-written play based on the theme of youth. This performance had a serious and moving message but also included comedic scenes. It was all about young adults in their late teenage years reminiscing about the joys of childhood when they had no worries and could play with their friends all day long.

Both plays were brilliant and were linked to the youth theme that this week’s festival is portraying. I thoroughly enjoyed the two plays and the entire night as a whole. I can’t wait to see this festival grow through the years and attract more and more audiences. Other performances and workshops coming up this week include the Junior Youth Theatre’s play, ‘If I Were You’, on Friday evening, a beatboxing workshop on Saturday afternoon and a Project Band Showcase to close the festival on Saturday night.

Review written by Rory McIver