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Breakneck Comedy Club: Don Biswas

  • 16 Dec–17 Dec 2022
  • Breakneck Comedy

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Breakneck Comedy Club: Don Biswas

Breakneck Comedy Club presents the hilarious Don Biswas plus special guests.  Don’t miss it!

On the surface Don Biswas is a straight forward and old fashioned gag merchant. However, he does talk about a wide variety of unique subjects from having Dyspraxia, A.D.H.D and mild Asperger’s Syndrome (learning difficulties that effect coordination, concentration and social skills). Also thrown into the mix is politics, interwoven with conspiracy theories, for that extra punch.

When discussing politics Don very much takes an alternative view on the subject, thus talking about the lack choice available in the current system, mainstream media censorship to conspiracy theories, among other topics. However, all of this is done in a tongue and check way, with plenty of gags, meaning he is able to play to a wide variety of rooms.

His comedy has lead him to be a part of Abnormally Funny People a specialist comedy show for comics, who talk about their disabilities and difficulties. Don also has done school’s tour support (only for certain dates) for comedian John William’s solo shows My Son’s not Rainman. He also did his debut Edinburgh show Left-Wing Conspiracy Theorist with Dyspraxia in 2017. See reviews below. ​He has also done stand up on Radio 4 for the 13 million club and next year has a 30 minute stand up special coming out on the station.

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Doors 7pm | Show 7.30pm