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Clunk! Was first performed in school classrooms in 2022. Written by Martin McCormick, this is an intimate one man show for those aged 9 and up. Filled with 1980’s nostalgia it will resonate with parents too. There is humour, a bit of sadness and a lot of family politics.

CLUNK! … a shiny, heavy thing falls out of Andy’s ear during class. What is it? He and his Gran never keep secrets from each other, but Andy makes an exception with the weird ear thing. He keeps it in his pocket – secret. Andy’s lives with his Gran above her video shop. They tell each other everything, until one day they don’t. When Gran becomes ill the shop has to close. She can no longer hide the mounting debts. Andy starts to wonder if his secret caused all this bad stuff to happen? Or might it save them all?   

Important information

Suitable for those aged 9 and over




Quotes -School pupils

‘I enjoyed clunk because it was like I was watching something I wanted but not on netflix there were sad bits but I really enjoyed it.’

‘It was funny. It was a bit emotional. It was amazing. Everything was just great.’

‘The way that different themes were embedded throughout was very clever and I really
enjoyed it all.’

‘I was really happy for you to come into the school to do that for us it made my day. Thank
you for making me happy.’


Quotes – Teachers

‘I enjoyed both in equal measures. A fabulous, positive experience for the children.’

‘Children were engrossed in the one man performance of Clunk, resulting in some super discussion and reflection to the sad experience acted out in the play. You could hear a pin drop during parts of the performance but there was also moments of laughter and hilarity from the class. We all really enjoyed the performance. All in all a very enjoyable couple of hours and please come again.’

‘The performance was the best one I have ever seen in school. It was pitched exactly at the children’s level – realistic and thought-provoking. The children and I were transfixed from start to finish.’