The Da Vinci Code
The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code

  • Tue 19 - Sat 23 Jul 2022

  • His Majesty's Theatre

  • 2pm & 2:30pm & 7:30pm

  • £37.50 - £20.50

  • Drama

The blockbuster story that captivated the world is now an epic stage thriller. Can you crack the code and solve a centuries old mystery?

The curator of the Louvre has been brutally murdered, and alongside his body are a series of baffling codes. Follow the pulse-racing journey as Professor Robert Langdon and fellow cryptologist Sophie Neveu attempt to solve the riddles, leading to the works of Leonardo Da Vinci and beyond, deep into the vault of history. In a breathless race through the streets of Europe, Langdon and Neveu must decipher the labyrinthine code before a shocking historical secret is lost forever.

Based on the best-selling novel of this century, with over 100 million copies sold, unlock the secrets of THE DA VINCI CODE in the world premiere stage adaptation of the international phenomenon.

Translated into over 50 different languages, with author Dan Brown named as one of Time’s 100 most influential people and adapted into a smash-hit movie that grossed over $750 million, THE DA VINCI CODE surprises at every twist. Now you can experience the sensational story live on stage, as Langdon and Neveu follow the trail of clues and race to uncover the truth in the greatest thriller of the past 2000 years.

‘An exhilarating, breathless thriller-chase. Blockbuster perfection’ - The New York Times

“I am thrilled that The Da Vinci Code is being adapted for the stage, and excited to see the unique potential of live theatre enhance this story. The team making the production has been faithful to the book, but will also bring something new for the audience, in what is certain to be a gripping, fast-paced stage thriller and a thoroughly entertaining show.” - Dan Brown

  • Tue 19 Jul 2022 7:30 PM £35.50/£30.50/£28.50/£27.50/£23.50
  • Wed 20 Jul 2022 7:30 PM £35.50/£30.50/£28.50/£27.50/£23.50
  • Thu 21 Jul 2022 2:00 PM £32.50/£27.50/£25.50/£24.50/£20.50
  • Thu 21 Jul 2022 7:30 PM £35.50/£30.50/£28.50/£27.50/£23.50 BSL

    British Sign Language (BSL) performance

  • Fri 22 Jul 2022 7:30 PM £37.50/£32.50/£30.50/£29.50/£25.50
  • Sat 23 Jul 2022 2:30 PM £37.50/£32.50/£30.50/£29.50/£25.50
  • Sat 23 Jul 2022 7:30 PM £37.50/£32.50/£30.50/£29.50/£25.50