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Granite Noir:

Grace McIntosh: The Life of a Victorian Criminal

A talk by Dr. Dee Hoole and Phil Astley

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Granite Noir: Grace McIntosh: The Life of a Victorian Criminal

Grace McIntosh was born on Jack’s Brae in Aberdeen, making her first court appearance in 1838 aged just 11. From then until her death in 1880, a vivid picture of her life has been recreated using evidence from original records. Her repeated criminality led to punishment by transportation to Australia in 1844, but she was to return to Aberdeen a decade later where she survived through prostitution and petty theft. Her repeated trials and incarceration left a remarkable historical record of a life of poverty and desperation lived against the backdrop of the rapidly developing nineteenth century Granite City. A talk by Dr. Dee Hoole, (Hon. Research Fellow, University of Aberdeen) and Phil Astley (City Archivist, Aberdeen City & Aberdeenshire Archives)

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This event takes place in the Cowdray Hall

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