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Light The Blue 2023: Fuse #2

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Light The Blue 2023: Fuse #2

A multi-bill showcase of theatre and dance from Aberdeen Performing Arts’ Juniors, Intermediates and Seniors as well as Citymoves’ Dance Agency’s Fusion Company.

Our Fuse strand of events celebrates the creativity of young people across Aberdeen and beyond with multi-bill showcases of new work. Take a seat and enjoy a varied evening of exciting material that puts youth voice centre stage.

The Seven Colours of Sin

Aberdeen Performing Arts Junior Youth Theatre presents

The most deadly secrets are sometimes hidden beneath the surface, but can they be recognised and stopped in time? What happens when you show your true colours? Or, can you keep them hidden in a box!?

Once Upon a Crime…

Aberdeen Performing Arts Intermediate Youth Theatre presents

We bet you think you know the story…but do you?  Have you ever stopped to think about who the good and bad guys really are in the stories from your childhood? In a court room far far away a gaggle of Grimm characters have been gathered to face the music and pay for their collective crimes. Who’s guilty? You decide!


Aberdeen Performing Arts Senior Youth Theatre presents

A group of witches decide they are going to convert a whole town to their unholy ways. See if their unorthodox plan succeeds or if it will be foiled by the people of the town. Soap follows a group of witches who are trying to take over a small town by turning people into soap and using that very enchanted soap to convert others to their order. A journalist and detective set out to find out more about what is going on and to save the town.

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