Lau Land

Lau Land

  • Monday 1 January 0001 - Friday 7 June 2019

  • Music Hall

  • 7:30pm

  • £27.50

  • Music

Full Lau-Land schedule

Fri 7 June:

Main event: Lau, Landless and Lankum - Music Hall - Starts 7.30pm
Afterparty: Lau-Land Late with Amaraterra and DJ Giles Walker - Lemon Tree - Starts 10.45pm (Entry with Lau-Land ticket)

Sat 8 June:

Matins: Saturday morning session

Scott Gardiner - Big Sky Studio, Music Hall - Starts 11am
Landless - Big Sky Studio, Music Hall - Starts 11.30am
Heir of the Cursed - Big Sky Studio, Music Hall - Starts 12pm
Folk session with Lau - Coda Cafe-Bar, Music Hall - Starts 12.30pm


Lau love listening to music. Maybe all bands do, but Lau get a little obsessive.
Now they have found a way to share that obsession -  Lau-Land

As a band they travel the world absorbing wonderful music from brilliant people and now they are bringing some of those people to Aberdeen for an event like no other.

Lau-Land is a place where the multi award-winning trio present humans whom they find inspiring and who make noises that they love. It’s a land to share sounds, knowledge, and discover some of the lesser-known corners of the musical world.

Alongside world-class gigs from a diverse range of artists Lau-Land involves discussion, workshops, and participation ensembles all adding to a truly unique atmosphere of inclusivity and creativity.

There are no borders in Lau’s wonderful musical land, just a collection of open-minded people having a great time.

Lau have curated their now legendary event all over the UK, most recently as part of the Edinburgh International Festival, and now they come to Aberdeen to present a full-day of music, education and experimentation.

They will also take to the stage themselves to perform music from their new studio album ‘Midnight and Closedown’.

“Lau-Land is a huge success – marvellously eclectic, refreshingly ambitious and frequently moving” **** The Skinny

Pre-Show Dining

Make your night extra special and dine with us before the show in our beautiful new restaurant Rondo.

To book a table at Rondo Restaurant please call 01224 641122 or book online at the time of purchasing your ticket.