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Songwriting Workshop with Delightful Squalor

  • Music Hall


Songwriting Workshop with Delightful Squalor

This is a workshop on the art and effort of songcraft led by Cera Impala and Lake Montgomery of Americana folk duo Delightful Squalor. This workshop is open to all and participants are encouraged to bring their own unique experiences and perspectives to the table. The session will be divided into two parts— Poetry and Melody—to focus on these key elements of songwriting. 

During the workshop we will dissect and discuss a couple of original songs by Delightful Squalor. In the poetry component, Lake will guide you through various exercises and techniques to help you creatively express yourself through words. In the melodic section, Cera Impala will lead you through exploring harmony and singing. She will also provide tips and techniques for improving vocal range and control.

The workshop will conclude with the opportunity to share work, as well as a Q&A session where participants can ask questions of Cera and Lake to learn from their unique experiences as LGBT+ women in the music industry.  

Whether you’re an experienced musician or a complete beginner, this workshop is designed to help you discover your own voice and express yourself through music. As in any learning experience, what you bring to the event will have a huge impact on what you take from it. Remember: there is no such thing as a “boring story”.