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Though This Be Madness

  • 16 Feb–17 Feb 2022
  • Lemon Tree

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Though This Be Madness

“Once upon a time… I don’t have time.”

There are many sisters in this story.

One of them is bouncing on a Pilates ball in The Land of Lounge Room – a recovering mum and love‐struck, sleep‐deprived teat desperate to soothe her baby – so she can finish her sentence and tell you this tale.

Unable to reach her sister Ophelia who wrestles with a cataract on what Shakespeare calls the ‘mind’s eye’, she attempts to ‘stay on the ball’, Though This Be Madness, stitching together a fractured fiction told through poetry and performance.

How can we nurture our collective sanity?

Written & Performed by Skye Loneragan. Music by Mairi Campbell & Dave Gray. Lyrics by Skye Loneragan. Directorial support: Kath Burlinson & Stewart Ennis, Choreographic support: Emma Jayne Park.

Supported by Creative Scotland & SMHAF.


Post‐show Sanctuary …a space in time to allow your responses to the show or
feelings/thoughts/experiences to surface…and find some form of expression before heading home/out.

“This is a semi‐autobiographical work and I am often told how this or that moment
reminds people of their own experiences, relationships or how situations resonate for them, which, in turn, resonate with the truths I’ve experienced that form the fictions I perform, so this is a bit of a chance to air these… a conversation…a response sanctuary.”



U26/students: £5.50

Suitable for 14+