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True North

Sprog Rock

  • Wonder Hoose
  • True North 22 Wonder Hoose


Sprog Rock is an interactive live music experience for Early Years aged children and their parents and carers.

The show was created by Katy Wilson during her residency at Tramway as part of Starcatchers’ Inspire Project 2009 – 2011.

Sprog Rock brings together a range of musicians and is designed to push the ideas of what is of interest to young children – and what they are capable of creating.

Important information

This is a family event aimed at children 3-11



True North 2021. Saturday. Pictured is John Grant headlining at the Music Hall.

Further Information

About Wonder Hoose

The Wonder Hoose is a magnificent pop-up venue, which will be situated in the Marishcal College Quad between the 9th – 25th September.  Built to amaze, the venue will be open daily with a line-up of music, comedy, drama, family events and much more.  Visit the Wonder Hoose webpage for full details.