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Wonderland Festival

Two in a barrel

  • 11 Sep 2022
  • Wonder Hoose
  • Wonder Hoose

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Two in a Barrel

Ruxy Cantir & Sarah Rose Graber

Two in a Barrel is a clown-inspired, physical theatre performance for young audiences (ages 5+) about the waste we create, the destructive consequences of our habits, and co-existing in an environment with limited resources. Two lively quirky best friends – Riri and Moku – are confined to a barrel sitting on top of an island of rubbish in the ocean. They love finding treasures in the vast waste that surrounds them but being in tight quarters means they face new challenges, like having to ration their food and learning to coexist. Danger arises when the waste around them continues to pile higher and threatens to cover them altogether. By looking at mass consumerism and the destructive effects (non bio-degradable) waste has on our environment, this Beckett-meets-Pixar  show  poses  questions  about  the  trash  we  produce  and  invokes  awareness  and  environmental  activism.  Using  a  variety  of  physical  and visual  theatre  traditions,  including  shadow puppetry and object manipulation, this show is sure to delight the entire family.


“Very funny and sympathetic characters. Children from 3 years and up and adults would enjoy this. They would be receptive to any message and educational ideas and facts the characters would put across about recycling, sustainability and the care we must take of our planet and how we have to change our ways.” Edinburgh Science Fest Audience Member