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This band needs no introduction in Poland. From 2005, they’re consistently working on reinventing new and absolutely fresh Slavic folk music. Thanks to these five enthusiasts, we learned about „Polish neofolk”. From the European role models of „innovative folk music” from Scandinavia and other European countries, we learned about this extremely assimilable genre, which takes full advantage of Polish cultural heritage.

Derived from bands such as Hedningarna and Hoven Droven, Żywiołak takes us on a journey through the preChristian times of east and west Europe.

Without a doubt, Żywiołak was the first to dust‐off the topic of Slavic mythology in an absolutely uncompromising way. Also, the band was the first to contribute to the “boom” of interest in the native culture that is currently in place in Poland. Undoubtedly, it has become an inspiration for many music projects that have been created in Poland since. Today, no one is surprised by the fact that we can hear folk music in the largest clubs in Poland for some time now, and the current itself has become equal with other musical genres.