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The Autumn Brochure includes His Majesty’s Theatre and the Music Hall, the Lemon Tree brochure covers Lemon Tree events until Autumn 2022.

Current Brochure

Lemon Tree Brochure

Lemon Tree Brochure

What's On

Billionaire Boy

10 Aug–13 Aug 2022

His Majesty's Theatre
MH Joe Lycett 2022

Joe Lycett: More, More, More! How Do You Lycett? How Do You Lycett?

12 Aug–13 Aug 2022

Music Hall
Arab Strap press photo

Arab Strap

18 Aug 2022

Lemon Tree
MH Blazin-fiddles 2022

Blazin' Fiddles with Hannah Rarity

19 Aug 2022

Music Hall

Mela End Of Festival Event

21 Aug 2022

Lemon Tree


24 Aug–27 Aug 2022

His Majesty's Theatre

Past brochures

Spring 2020

His Majesty’s Theatre and Music Hall