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NEWS – 06 July 2022

Paisley Pearls by boredomresearch

24th May – 2nd July 2022


Coinciding with a sister installation at the Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem, Paisley Pearls are unique, generative versions of the pattern for everyone on Earth. Seeded by the artists for each city, these dynamic forms are inspired by both the iconic Paisley design and the prized freshwater pearl mussel that used to thrive in the White Cart river running through the town of Paisley.

boredomresearch is artists Vicky Isley and Paul Smith, internationally renown for creating artworks which explore extended time frames. boredomresearch have a deep and long lasting fascination in the mechanics of the natural world which they explore using contemporary technology. The Dee catchment area formed part of the UK-wide Pearls in Peril conservation project.

Co-commissioned by UWS Creative Media Academy and New Media Scotland with investment from Renfrewshire Council.

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