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CANCELLED - Alex Belfield - Voice of Reason

  • Tivoli Theatre


CANCELLED – Alex Belfield – Voice of Reason

After 25 years in broadcasting & touring LIVE, Alex Belfield found himself in Lockdown.  It was then that he launched ‘The Voice Of Reason’ on YouTube from his mother’s back bedroom. A year on, he’s had 236 MILLION hits and is now the UK’s #1 News talk presenter, commentator, troublemaker & comedian online.

Having never done a proper job (and being permanently self-unemployed) – Alex is bringing his LIVE nonsense to theatres across the UK

Characters Vordernorks, Abbottcus & Johnstone are in negotiations to appear. Laughing in the face of lefties – Alex brings old-school cabaret back to the stage.

Halfwits, fart heads & the hard of thinking are requested to stay away! This is entertainment for grown-ups who love to laugh….not precious woke flakes who want to be offended.
No refunds – no matter how many times you boo hoo on Twitter! 😜
Strictly over 18s only.