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Delve 2024: Cabaret

  • Lemon Tree


Delve 2024: Cabaret at the End of The World (as we know it)

It’s the final showdown of Delve and you’re all invited. Cabaret at the End of the World promises to be a jaw-dropping night of unapologetic performances, that keep you at the edge of the dance floor. With performance artists Flava J, Katy Dye, Craig Manson, Shrek 666, and sonne luí pitza (Nima Aida Séne) all taking to the stage with their own interpretation of The End of The World. These avant-guard performances have been specifically created for this special party. DJ and shapeshifter Niki Rush (Push It) will be the captain of the night navigating the partygoers through the evening of performances and will introduce our headline award-winning act LVRA, whose electronic hyper-pop beats are the only way to dance into the night at The Party at the End of The World.

Important information

Doors – 7.30pm
Starts – 8pm

Age restriction 18+



Artist biogs

Shrek 666

SHREK 666 (Daemon Clelland) is the embodiment of an Ogre. Crafted through a background in visual arts and years working in and around nightlife, a SHREK 666 performance can be anything from VR/360 video theatre, a hardcore MC live set, installation based performance, bloodletting and camp horror.

Focussed on the body’s potential to transcend, Daemon views the ogre or monster as abject in its physicality – no longer metaphor or nightmare, but a body against binary structures and social criteria of normality. Performing the monster to a level of realness is a practice of exorcism. Each presentation negotiates visions of perception, fear, and power. More intimate works explore the connection between alternated consciousness through Experiences of pain, play, and voyeurism.

SHREK 666 is reactive, making queer worlds to peek inside, jump around and feel. He is influenced by his trans-ness, science-fiction, post-humanism, fetish, medieval manuscripts, and escapism.

SHREK 666 has toured around the UK and Berlin, and has recently worked with American composer, singer, and songwriter Danny Elfman.


Flava J

Born in Portugal, Flava J has risen as a dynamic force in the industry, amassing international recognition.

With a background as a trained dancer, actor, and singer-songwriter, Flava radiates an undeniable energy and astonishing hyped performances that shows a relentless pursuit of musical excellence, which has been acknowledged by BBC, with consecutive releases featured on the esteemed platform.

Present in the scene for over a decade, Flava has a distinct identity, with a repertoire of infectious rhythms, conscious and thought-provoking lyrics that break boundaries, and artistry that embodies a potent blend of cultural resonance.

A testament to mulitpotentialite, Flava’s talent extends beyond the realms of music, with appearances in film, television productions, and commercials, including, “Converse”, “Vogue Italia”, ”Good Omens 2″ – Amazon Prime- , “Indiana Jones 5” – Theatres and cinemas, and recently “The Buccaneers” – Apple TV. I started writing music as a relief mechanism. I believe in the power of words, and how words changed my reality and of others around me, every day, for good and bad, and it ended up being what paved my present. My commitment is directed at creating awareness on mental and spiritual health, one song at the time.

“The way I create varies, but it always comes down to the combination of peculiar sounds that makes me dance, with lyrics that makes our brain rethink realities, connecting and healing.”


Katy Dye

Katy is a performance maker who creates highly physical performances that lean towards the tongue in cheek, playful and political. Sometimes working in a solo capacity and often with collaborators, Katy is interested in using the joy of performing to explore the difficult and messy business of being alive. Recent projects include Climate Grief Karaoke, a performance where people are invited to face the Climate Crisis through song (Arts Council England/Cambridge Junction/Harlow Playhouse) / RATS! a podcast recording made by a rat (Feral Arts) / Baby Face Autopsy Award winning solo performance exploring the infantilisation of women (Tom Hunter Foundation/Summerhall). Katy also works as a Sustainability Advisor for performance projects.


Craig Manson

Craig Manson is a performance artist and actor whose work spans theatre, live art, dance, cabaret and club performance. He usually uses humour and movement to make performance about gay stuff. Whether he’s flopping around like a naked glittery seal, or deep throating a Starbucks cup in time to Grindr notifications, his work is often provocative, captivating and silly. In 2022 his show GAYBOYS was part of the Made in Scotland showcase at the Edinburgh Fringe, subsequently being selected for the Melbourne Fringe Onward Touring Award. He has presented work at venues and festivals such as The Southbank Centre, Tramway, Dance International Glasgow, The CCA, The Yard and Camden People’s Theatre.


Nima Aida Sene (remote) sonne luí pitza

sonne luí pitza is a writer alias name for the award winning multimedia artist Nima Aida Séne (Berlin/UK).
Their work is rooted in a performance practice with contributions across music, film, visual art and theater projects. They research and express underlying, un/known, un/seen and re-heard sur-realities to do with belonging and alienation. Their latest commission is a new auto fictional work and will be shared at Fierce Festival 2024. An excerpt can be found as a blog post on the Scottish BPOC Writers Network website under Blog. Updates to current projects can be found at: until further notice.


Niki Rush

Hot mess! Headcase! Heathen!

Niki Rush is a neuroqueer sensuous, stimulating, and shapeshifting entity with a risqué, critical, and provocative presence. A burlesque performer and DJ, Niki is a hyperactive, hypersexual vessel of neurodivergent femininity inspired by womxn, femmes, and queers who fxck with societal expectations of ‘normal’ ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving. An expert shapeshifter: Niki takes on different forms to suit different personas. For DELVE, she sprays the Fantasy as she embodies her obsession… Ms. Britney Jean Spears, Til The World Ends.

About Delve

DELVE is an eclectic weekend of music, spoken word, workshops and discussions chosen especially this year by guest curator; poet, film and theatre maker Leyla Josephine. DELVE is our invitation for you to dive in, look beneath the surface and join Leyla’s Party at the End of the World (as we know it). Times may be dark but we can still celebrate!

For full event listings visit the DELVE festival page.