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DELVE: Hip-hop workshop with Queen of Harps,Zolai,Chef & Bernie

  • 18 Mar 2023
  • 12:30pm
  • MH Big Sky Studio
  • Delve


Join us for DELVE, an eclectic weekend of music, spoken word, workshops and discussion.

This first in a series of DELVE weekends will be curated by composer, musician and producer Inge Thomson.

DELVE is an invitation to look beneath the surface, to explore different events over the course of a weekend, to try something new and to gain an insight into what our guest curators are listening to and inspired by.

We look forward to sharing more of these special guest curated weekends with you over the coming months.


Pay-what-you-can £0/£2/£5/£8/£12. Ticket includes access to showcase