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  • Lemon Tree


Horse: Same Sky 30th Anniversary Show


Horse makes a welcome return to The Lemon Tree as part of The road less travelled tour. This is the title of the new album and she will highlight the new songs from her 11th album in this show There is always much to celebrate when it comes to a Horse show and always feels like a reunion of old friends than simply just another show.

As if this weren’t enough, this year also sees the 30th anniversary of the second Horse album, God’s Home Movie. There will be a smattering of songs from this album as well as the other classics Horse songs. This is a special Acoustic-y performance in which Horse will be joined by Lorny T, Dan Crichton and a trio of strings.

One of Scotland’s finest singer, songwriters…

“A Horse concert is a little bit like having a warm and comforting security blanket wrapped around you” Southside advertiser

“She has definitely still got ‘it’, her energy never waning in a two hour concert which ends with a high octane encore and a deserved standing ovation” the wee review


With support from Lorna Brooks: