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Make Up

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Make Up

Step off the stage, and get to know the person behind the make-up…

Lady Christina leaves the stage at the end of another performance in another venue above another pub. She’s tired of metro-sexual audiences looking for something a little risqué to tell their mothers about, she’s tired of young drag queens making it look easy, and she’s tired of putting on the make-up and becoming someone else every night. Drag has become a drag, and tonight could be her
last ever show. But when the make-up starts to come off, the face in the mirror takes Christopher Laneghan back to the life he lived before she came along. Can he live, if living is without her?

‘A noble and thought-provoking piece, starring an excellent Moj Taylor as Chris and his troubled drag persona, Lady Christina. Moseley and Taylor capture well the tortures and fears of Chris/Christina as she emerges from a performance, offering some poignant dressing-room
reflections. A skilled and successful drama, it nudges you to new insight and understanding.’
**** The Wee Review

‘Gripping and intense. Moj Taylor gives us a powerful set of mental images through his quietly angry performance. Layer upon layer is warmly/brutally exposed and we learn and appreciate more and more what has become a muddled life. It’s a sharp raises questions,
answers some, and raises more.’
Buxton Fringe Review



About Wonder Hoose

The Wonder Hoose is a magnificent pop-up venue, which will be situated in the Marishcal College Quad between the 9th – 25th September.  Built to amaze, the venue will be open daily with a line-up of music, comedy, drama, family events and much more.  Visit the Wonder Hoose webpage for full details.