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MH No such thing as a fish 2022

No Such Thing As A Fish

QI Podcast Live

  • Music Hall


No Such Thing As A Fish

No Such Thing As A Fish is at the forefront of the British podcast scene. The team have performed live all around the world – and that’s on top of making two series of the hit BBC Two show No Such Thing As The News, writing two books and releasing a podcast exclusively on vinyl (ie, a fruitless attempt to be on trend).

Each show will feature a live performance of an un-edited and unscripted podcast, in which the team will talk about the most bizarre, extraordinary and hilarious things they’ve come across in recent months. There will be facts, jokes and tall tales about Charles Darwin’s bassoon, octopus genitals and potentially everything in between.

For anyone who craves knowledge, enjoys puns and desires some belly-laughs, this is an unmissable show!

Important information

AGE: 12+