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Oor Monsters / Oor Future

  • Until 16 September
  • Music Hall


Oor Monsters / Oor Future

“Oor Future” is an exhibition highlighting fundamental climate issues by exploring key subjects of positive and negative human activities impacting climate change as ‘Two Headed Monsters.’ It prompts individuals to be positive, self-reflective, and proactive in relation to climate action in their own lives.

Gabrielle Reith and Philip Thompson are Aberdeen based artists making work under the name of “Oor Monsters.”They have worked together on many playful and inspiring projects, ‘monsterising’ things from the everyday into the fantastical since 2008.

Environmentalism, accessibility, and play are at the heart of their creations, creating a friendly but subversive approach to tackling difficult subjects.

Important information

Exhibition at the Music Hall


10am - 5pm


Free Entry