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Songs From The Last Page

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Songs From The Last Page

A performance from acclaimed composer/songwriter Gareth Williams that lyrically transform iconic final pages from Scottish fiction into brand-new ‘literary chamber pop’ songs. From the melancholy mastermind of Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, to Kirsty Campbell’s joyful farewell in Ely Percy’s Duck Feet, the performance celebrates a diverse range of storytellers from across Scotland. This spellbinding collection for voice, piano and strings captures the moment a reader finishes the last lines of a book and holds it for just a few… more… minutes.


£13.20 - £8.80


‘Music Highlight’ of Edinburgh Fringe 2023The List

“Musically magical”ScotsWhayHae

“Literally, my jaw dropped…absolutely stunning”Janice Forsyth (BBC Radio Scotland) 

“He’s a most engaging raconteur”Keth Bruce, Vox Carnyx 

” A wonderful and unusual show!”Bernard MacLaverty, Author 

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