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The Haunted Theatre

  • 31 Oct 2023
  • 7:30pm
  • Tivoli Theatre


The Haunted Theatre

A venue manager is convinced his venue has ghostly spirits and they are causing havoc in the theatre.

There are claims of 3 ghosts – frightening members of the public and performers – the ghost of a musician, a dancer, and an old stagehand. The manager calls in the ghost hunters to investigate.

Set in the present day the scheming hunters set out to convince the venue and its manager of ghostly goings-on and sightings by setting up man-made tricks and faking evidence using false images and recordings – the more evidence they gather the more money the venue has to pay…

BUT things start to happen that are not man-made and that are not fake – the ghost hunters lose control. We find out the true story of the spirit’s fate.

The Haunted Theatre is a show that will have audiences jumping and heartbeats racing with audiences left saying ‘did you see that?’ ‘What was that?’

Amazing corner-of-the-eye visuals and trickery. With a cast of 6 performers – this is truly a thought-provoking, mind-busting, haunting of a show.