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Customer Service

Our Customer Commitment

We want to provide a friendly welcoming atmosphere to all of our customers. We respect your point of view and listen and help where we can. We know our product so we can advise you wherever possible in a fair, friendly and understanding manner.

We will

  • Continuously review our service in order to improve it
  • Respond to all feedback with improvements to our service in a timely manner
  • Survey a sample of customers monthly to gauge how we are performing
  • Publish our results and set them against targets

Our Customers

Customers include all visitors to our venues whether attending a performance or event, enjoying our bars, café or restaurant, performing on our stage, putting on a production or a fellow colleague working alongside us.

We’ll  acknowledge customers when they arrive and treat them with respect. We will listen and respond in a polite, helpful and timely manner.

The Standards


We appreciate all forms of customer feedback and use this to continuously improve our service. We aim to respond to our customers in a considered, fair and timely manner.

All Customer feedback is logged for review along with dates. Any feedback not responded to within our committed timescales is flagged and these results are published. We survey 100 visitors to our each of our venues monthly and publish the results. We aim to have 93% of our customers surveyed to class the service received as either excellent or very good.  

Verbal Interaction

Our staff log all comments received by phone or face to face and pass on to the relevant department to reply and action

  • We aim to welcome or acknowledge all customers as soon as they enter the building
  • We will interact with our customers in a friendly, helpful, respectful manner
  • We will make our customers feel welcome and find out what we can do to help
  • We will answer queries as quickly as possible, if we need to consult with someone else we will advise how and when we will come back



Written Correspondence

We will reply to emails within 5 working days or acknowledge within 3 days with a full response in 14 days.

If your email is sent to another member of staff to assist we will let you know who. Emails from us will have our standard Aberdeen Performing Arts signature at the bottom of email with staff name and contact details. 

We will reply to all letters within 5 working days or acknowledge within 3 days with a full response in 14 days. All letters will be sent using our official Aberdeen Performing Arts headed paper.

Our Environment

Our Environmental Contribution

Aberdeen Performing Arts cares about the environment.

We are committed to being as green as possible, and continuously review our procedures to find the most environmentally friendly way of doing things.

Our Environment


Contact Us

Our staff log all comments and pass on to the relevant department to reply and action.

Write to Lynn Hackett, Customer Service Manager, Music Hall, Union Street, AB10 1QS 

Or email us